Review & Recipe: Homemade Lasagna with Figure Libre Freestyle Rouge Wine

The history of French wine dates back to the 6th Century, so there’s no need to wonder if the French know about wine, as we very well know they do! But they are often stuck in tradition due to laws that have been created in the production of wine in France. However, over the years, there are vineyards out there who are prepared to take a stance against these often strict traditions and begin to break the rules, producing beautifully blended wines, from a varied selection of grapes.

If you want to know what we thought of one of three bottles of Figure Libre Freestyle wines which were sent to us from Domaine Gayda Vineyards then look no further….and not only that, we have paired the wine with a recipe, that you can try at home.  This is an easy go-to lasagna that can be doubled up so that you can also pop one in the freezer for another day….